International Yoga & Meditation Society (IYMS), Rishikesh


International Yoga & Meditation Society, Rishikesh is a not for profit organization established in 1961 by world famous yoga guru Avdhoot Ji Maharaj and his disciples. IYMS is a consortium of some of the most talented Yoga Gurus of Rishikesh, aims at presenting the world “A WORLD CLASS YOGA TRAINING FACILITY”. So far we have trained more than 2500+ professionals from 35+ nationalities.

Yoga training is not about learning the asanas. Anyone who understands the science & philosophy of yoga, learns the asanas by themselves. Our program imparts a zeal to learn by letting the students understand “THE SOUL OF YOGA”.

Our teaching methodology is clear: We spend 200 hours in teaching you “How to Keep Improving”. We keep in touch with our students long after they finish their training to ensure that they are making most out of it. Yoga is about continuous improvement, we not only teach our students how to improve, but we also train them to help others learn the art of continuous improvement.

Our Commitments



  1. Great Hospitality
    We promise world class hospitality, it all starts with a free pickup at IGI Airport, New Delhi. We welcome you, we assign a dedicated tour manager for you and we are there to help you for your every need.
  1. Great Learning
    Our Gurus believe that learning yoga is a continuous process and it takes commitment and passion for learning Yoga. Our teachers are passionate about Yoga and have a strong will to help you make it a passion for life.
  1. Great Curriculum
    We have redesigned the curriculum to ensure that the students focus on one style of Yoga and master it. We help students choose a yoga practice style and then learn the art of continuous improvement and self-assessment.