Our Gurus

  • yogiyashpal2_0

    Yogi Yashpal

    Highly motivated & certified Astanga Vinyasa And Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher with over 7 years of teaching experiences in a multicultural environment. He specializes in…

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  • Yoga Asan

    Yogi Ankit

    Yogi Ankit is a talented practitioner with a great command over Yoga postures. He practises advanced Yoga form of Power Yoga and teaches students a…

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  • 1b7a4843-1_0

    Yogini Tanushree

    Tanushree Rawat is a yogini disciplinarian, it’s been seven years she has been practicing yoga. She teaches the traditional form of yoga. Her classes are…

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  • wp_20150903_16_56_48_pro_0

    Yogi Vivek

    Yogi Vivek started his career as a Yoga Instructor cum Aesthetician & worked with great organizations. During his assignments, he earned a respectable name with…

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  • yogivikas1_0

    Yogi Vikash

    Yogi Vikash is a hardworking, sincere, confident and enthusiastic person. He has strong willpower & he is ready to learn new things. believe highly in…

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  • yogipraksh6_0

    Yogi Prakash

    Yogi Prakash is dedicated to the teachings of Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar who is recognised as one of the world's foremost authorities on hatha yoga in hatha…

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  • Yogi Ravi

    Yogi Ravi

    Yogi Ravi been practicing and teaching yoga since 2006. He is the most promising and dynamic yoga teacher in Rishikesh known for his teachings among…

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  • Yogi Ashish

    Yogi Ashish

    Young and Dynamic, Yogi Ashish is well versed with Asanas and in teaching them to his students. He has been teaching in Rishikesh and other…

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